The Psycho Relics – Rocking Chair (Review)

The Psycho Relics – Rocking Chair

Brighton garage rock quintet The Psycho Relics storm onto the scene with their exhilarating ‘Rocking Chair’. A mix between 60’s rock’n’roll and modern psych, there’s a western infused groove that sits behind the track’s mix. 

Driven by a glistening harpsichord and a fair amount of cymbals, the track floats into the realm of psychedelia. Recorded, produced and mixed by frontman Harrison Baird-Whitman, the track was mastered by engineer Tim Rowkins.

Rocking Chair’s lyrics touch upon the ease of staying stuck in a rut and lacking the motivation to pull yourself out and adventure out of your comfort zone but a pulsating psychedelic breakdown and a smooth elastic vocal keep the song flowing.

Score: 3.5/5


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