Roni Bar Hadas – Everything (Review)

Roni Bar Hadas – Everything

Written back at the age of 16 out of feelings of insecurity and loneliness, Roni Bar Hadas’ ‘Everything’ is the first single from her upcoming, debut album. Citing Elliott Smith, Fiona Apple and Beck as inspiration for the album’s style, her combination of folk mixed with alternative is golden. Co-produced with Zach Drory, the alternative wonder highlights an artist simply creating a piece of art.

With the music video created in Berlin by director Shay Govhary, the recognition of the track’s love and acceptance is mirrored through the visuals effectively. Using feminine empowerment throughout the story, the cast and crew are 95% women. Musically, the mellow number may feel downbeat, it still captivates with each listen. A singer-songwriter completely creating music that you’d hear in your wildest, most beautiful dreams. 

Score: 4/5


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