Andi Fins – Parkin Lot (Review)

Andi Fins – Parkin Lot

Berlin-based producer, singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Andi Fins shines on ‘Parkin Lot’, taken from his newly released album ‘Whatever Works’. With a sound that simply speaks for itself, the release has been described as ‘a healthy mixture of lighthearted Gorillaz sound and melancholic Radiohead flavour’.

‘Parkin Lot’ illuminates that having a retro sound to your music is still hip. Refreshing yet holding onto a nostalgic presence, the single suits the album perfectly. Check out the full LP.  On the full album, Andi mentioned; ‘The album talks about how you can make a fool out of yourself though you’re trying to impress, how you can get angry even though the sun is actually shining on your head and it reminds you how good it feels when something is coming out of the blue, even though you haven’t expected anything from that direction for a long time. You long for vacation, until you feel it by entering the corner store at night and after some practice you defeat your weaker self and say something nice to someone you love anyways without thinking about the risk that you could be vulnerable.’

Score: 3.5/5


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