Brielle Ansems – More Than My Heart (Review)

Brielle Ansems returns with “More Than My Heart” taken from the upcoming debut album ‘This New Hurricane’ (out March 6th). Produced by Adam Gallant and Kinley Downling (Hey Rosetta!), who also recorded strings on the track, bring the track to life through a wide range of orchestration. About accepting the limits of what is in our power to give to another person, ‘More Than My Heart’ is emotive and a passionate new single from an exceptional songwriter. 

As an apology to a friend and an attempt of self-forgiveness, Brielle mentioned; ‘A few years ago, this friend was going through an incredibly difficult ordeal. At the time, I myself had next to no financial or emotional stability. It killed me that I lacked the resources and the mental fortitude to be the kind of person I thought she needed me to be.’ Heart on her sleeves lyrics and arrangement, the simple pop track transports listeners to a land of hope and forgiveness. A wonderful single from the Canadian songstress. 

Score: 4/5


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