Penny Betts – Penny Betts (Review)

Surrey based Penny Betts storm onto the scene with their debut self titled EP. Fuelled with heartfelt songwriting and hypnotic melodies, there’s essences of Arctic Monkeys meets Tame Impala in the EP. Fused with a reverb-soaked soundscape, Penny Betts create a calming yet energised front that depends on exactly how you listen to it. It’s the type of record that can be perceived in anyway you want too.

“Electric Ballroom Dress” kicks things off in the best way possible, the track flows easily through mixed sections of rich guitar poise. It feels like a jam that you think would never end but eventually does. A mixture of emotions through a progressive, experimental feel… aka a vibrant start to the EP. “Looking For” is for the folk that are unsure of what they need in their life. Filled with nostalgia of the 60s, the psychedelic anthem features fragrances of fresh indie while holding onto it’s pink velvet flares. A passionate track that will linger for days to come.

“Run My Mind” grooves into tomorrow with it’s energetic exercise pattern and pounding heart felt vocals. Showcasing the end of a relationship, the deep meaning feels personal in this number. If you’re into good old fashioned indie that’s danceable, this is right up your street. “Black & Blue” holds onto the psychedelia form and feels a lot more relaxed compared to the rest of the EP. Formed on a basis of tranquil aura, the whole track pieces together easily with elegance. Overall, the release is a lovely EP that has a bit of everything in for everyone. 

Score: 7/10


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