SheBeat – Catch Your Breath (Review)

Released back at the end of November, SheBeatโ€™s latest EP titled Catch Your Breath was produced in Birmingham by local producer Jack Tasker at Droma. Known for perfect numbers to get your foot tapping or to hum-along too, SheBeatโ€™s been gathering a following over a number of years and is now known for her distinctive sound. Well-received and with a lovable nature, it just so happens that sheโ€™s one of the nicest people youโ€™ll ever meet too! With a unique sound in the alternative indie folk genre, the intimate new EP feels relatable and close to home.

Catch Your Breath lingers with a positive nature that will instantly make you smile with itโ€™s care-free approach. The upbeat number tries to remind listeners to stay present and to just take a breath and smile through the hard times. Even though the song is very stripped back and simple with itโ€™s chord progression, itโ€™s SheBeatโ€™s calming vocals that comfort the track even more.ย 

Untethered was written with Dave Ridley about a heartbreak that he had gone through. They say you have to suffer for your art, and this intricate number screams with empathy with itโ€™s memorable melody. A wonderful number that builds up to become a powerful number in SheBeatโ€™s discography.ย 

Yearning for love, Impossible features a twinkly glockenspiel to bring the production in together nicely. The EP features a stripped back, acoustic feel that will pull your heartstrings and make you stick it on repeat. A wonderful release from a talented local songwriter.ย 

Score: 7/10


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