SheBeat – Catch Your Breath (Review)

Released back at the end of November, SheBeat’s latest EP titled Catch Your Breath was produced in Birmingham by local producer Jack Tasker at Droma. Known for perfect numbers to get your foot tapping or to hum-along too, SheBeat’s been gathering a following over a number of years and is now known for her distinctive sound. Well-received and with a lovable nature, it just so happens that she’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet too! With a unique sound in the alternative indie folk genre, the intimate new EP feels relatable and close to home.

Catch Your Breath lingers with a positive nature that will instantly make you smile with it’s care-free approach. The upbeat number tries to remind listeners to stay present and to just take a breath and smile through the hard times. Even though the song is very stripped back and simple with it’s chord progression, it’s SheBeat’s calming vocals that comfort the track even more. 

Untethered was written with Dave Ridley about a heartbreak that he had gone through. They say you have to suffer for your art, and this intricate number screams with empathy with it’s memorable melody. A wonderful number that builds up to become a powerful number in SheBeat’s discography. 

Yearning for love, Impossible features a twinkly glockenspiel to bring the production in together nicely. The EP features a stripped back, acoustic feel that will pull your heartstrings and make you stick it on repeat. A wonderful release from a talented local songwriter. 

Score: 7/10


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