Saytr Play – Honest Man (Review)

Manchester based Saytr Play have been the talk of the town since their birth in 2017. Captivating from the get go and known for their explosive live sets, their garage infused indie-rock sound has won over the ears of some of the biggest names in the business. As a quintet, their highly energetic sound is portrayed perfectly in their latest single “Honest Man”, which landed November 22nd. After setting the bar firmly high with their 2019 singles ‘Bang Average’ and ‘Second Hand Emotion’, the band are exceeding higher expectations in their vibrant new single.

“Honest Man’ is a raucous heartfelt garage indie song that explores the idea of being happy ina bad relationship for the sake of easy love. It’s the idea of settling down out of fear of beingalone. I’ve seen too many friends try to “make this work”on false promises and I too have lostyears of my life on the wrong people before. This ones’s for us.”

Ready for an arena or even a stadium, the relatable lyrics scream for audience participation. There’s no doubt this one will cause chaos live from the start straight to the finish. Getting the recognition that they deserve, the indie triumph’s are here to stay. 

Score: 4/5


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