The Elephant Trees – Monachopsis (Review)

The Elephant Trees have been known as the underdogs formed in 2016. Completely doing their own thing, they return with their most ambitious project to date. Titled “Monachopsis”, the debut EP from the Manchester based duo represents life-experiences mixed with an experimental alternative indie pop sound. With no genre boundaries or right or wrongs, the purity in these 6 tracks screams with honesty throughout the cracks. At the helm of it all, Martha Phillips added: “We’ve all felt a deep sense of monachopsis in our lives at somepoint, that’s less of anassumption and more of a fact. It’s human nature, and yet, we don’t talk about it.We’d like thatto change, we’d like to smash that wall down and many others, bending genres and emotionsand social norms and styles. None of this felt likea choice, more a need to create something thatdips and flows and halts and crashes just like people do, just like thoughts and feelings, andencourage others to let themselves do the same.

IDKWIWA” aka I Don’t Know What I Want Anymore overflows with an explosive, heart-pounding energy. Furnished with a long instrumentation to begin with, the track quickly turns into a pulsating rhythm. It feels like the music of a loading screen of a game like Saints Row. Using a fair amount of silence between the gaps, the tension that it builds is electrifying and will hold your attention even further. If you’ve been following MoggBlog for some time, you’ll know my views on “Idiot”. Still a killer track with an exceptional riff.

Bricks & Mortar” takes a slight step back and fuses the band’s alternative pop sound together. Dynamically weaving through a soulful vocal journey, the electronic based number is simply enchanting. A personal favourite of mine, the ethereal sound grooves into tomorrow. Set as stepping stone in the creative process, “Skip Me” feels a little robotic. Taking it’s time to build into it’s true momentum, the number feels a little out of place. Ironically, it may be the one that you skip, but if you like futuristic music that sounds similar to Muse, this is right up your street.

Drawing you in with it’s alternative sound, there’s something about “4100” that’s very marketable in today’s industry. With influence from, what sounds like, Billie Eilish, the songwriting just proves the no-genre rule of the band. Exquisite and needing attention, the single is a strong contender. “2 Seconds” ends the EP is a smoother way to the middle of it. A wonderful debut that will hold close to the band’s hearts for years to come. 

Score: 7.5/10


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