Pompadour – Cut to the Chase (Review)

Bristol based indie rock Pompadour debut their first EP “Cut to the Chase”. Released November 15th, the EP features 5 original tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Cory at Bath Spa recording studios. Mixing their own distinctive sound of gritty style, melodic indie rock, the release has been appealing to listeners all across the country. With their previous releases gaining support from BBC and Planet Rock, if this EP doesn’t make its way to the top, the music industry has gone down the pot.

Blame Your Predecessors” storms onto the scene with purity. While holding your gaze from start to finish, you’re left wanting more when the 2 minute 25 second song comes to a close. Tamsin Sayers vocals surround the sound and flow easily off the tongue. A staggering track that’s a crucial listen in the band’s discography. Front lady Tamsin Sayers (vocals, bass) says single Point Blank “is about conflict, and how somebody’s mood can completely affect everything else. I find that if I, or somebody else is in a bad mood, it can really change the atmosphere of the whole room.” Another strong track on the EP that nudges towards female fronted bands such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Short but sweet once again, it’s straight to the point and gets the job done.

Finding it’s way firmly to alternative rock, “Enigma” is probably the most commercial track on the EP. As the longest track on the EP, it’s still a short number but the ingredients in it’s core are infectious. Featuring a vocal melody that will haunt you for days, a juicy riff and a powerful drum beat, what more could you want? “Veronica” pulsates through with a contagious melody. Feel-good and sounding like something you’d hear from a cheesy teen film like Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, this single sings to me on a personal level. As the strongest song on the EP, there’s something about it that will make you get up and start singing into your hairbrush.

To finish off a release, you need something that elevates and makes the listener want to stick it on repeat, “Catch Me If You Can” just does that. A sensational EP closer, the adrenaline portrayed through the number is fuelled with pure electricity from every musician. A personal new favourite of mine from the EP that will grow and grow with each listen. 

Score: 8/10

Website: https://www.pompadourband.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PompadourBand/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PompadourBand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pompadourtheband/

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