The Elephant Trees – Idiot (Review/Interview)

The Elephant Trees are set to release their debut EP this year. First single “Idiot” dropped August 9th and has already received a large amount of buzz. The Elephant Trees previously released ‘4100’ which features the band in a more slick-pop avenue. “Idiot” feels slightly more indie orientated and you can definitely hear a ‘Wolf Alice meets Goat Girl’ vibe. I had a chat with the band to discuss all things music and what’s next for the band.

Hey guys, congratulations on another awesome track! Can you tell our viewers more about “Idiot” ? What was the songwriting process like and where did the inspiration come from?
It was Spring last year and I started getting feelings for someone, that feeling you get when you first start falling is so exciting, but it’s also terrifying. I was telling myself “don’t be such an idiot – don’t open yourself up again”. When I started writing ‘Idiot’ I didn’t like it; the chords are not really what I’m used to writing, but the first rule of song-writing is, just finish the song first, then judge it. The further I got into the verses, the more playful and groovy it felt, it soon became one of our favourite songs to play live.

If you had to describe the music scene where you’re from in one sentence, what would it be?
The music scene in Manchester is a dysfunctional family, with the auntie that’s not really an auntie but she’s a legend so you claim that you’re related to them – the electronic scene; the cousin that you always wait for at the awkward once a year gatherings – oddly political indie; and of course the black sheep of the family which I’d say is us – loud, colourful and unapologetic alt rock . 

What’s next for the band? Can we be excited for anything new coming for the rest of 2019?
I hope so, I’m excited anyway. we’ve spent the past few months trying to organise some chaos into a cohesive piece of work – our debut EP ‘Monachopsis’ will be with you this Autumn, with a new live show to match it. 

About falling for someone quickly, the instrumentation is filled with infectious guitar and vocal hook lines. In the verses, the drums aren’t as prominent which makes the song feel a lot more intimate in these parts. Simple but effective, the drums hit in the right places which hardly happens anymore in music. Overall, the track is a contagious number that will linger in your head for time to come. 

Score: 3.5/5


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