Ro Bergman – All We Are (Review)

Indie songwriter Ro Bergman’s latest single ‘All We Are’ is proving to be an exceptional piece of work in his discography. Lifted from his EP New Horizon via Bergman Music, the track was produced by Niko Stoessi (Dave Gahan, IamX, NIHILS) and composed by Ro and Niki too. Blending a unique vision of indie-rock, Ro draws inspiration from acts such as Beck, Bon Iver, The National and The Verve to name a few. As for the latest single, it’s Ro bringing his own originality to the table as always.

“All We Are” is the perfect showcase for Bergman’s fantastic songwriting ability. Armed with a sooth vocal expression, the aching melancholic nature is deep in vulnerability. Guiding the narrative through a dark sentiment, the gentle arrangement is able to move the listener to a soothing place. Ro Bergman gives some insight into the track: “This is all we are – we are constantly changing. Try to stay above the shadows and keep the sun inside yourself.”  Soulful and hypnotic, the performance will grip your attention straight to the end. 

Score: 3.5/5


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