ARTGIRL – Get Down Let Down (Review)

Dropped October 10th, ARTGIRL released her debut single ‘Get Down Let Down’. Co-produced with Robbie Malone (David Gray), the track was also recorded and mixed by Stuart Gray (Ryan Sheridan, Asian) at Jealoustown Studios. Bringing you up to speed, ARTGIRL is an emerging Irish artist and producer creating a breathtaking blend of alternative music with pop. Merging substance-driven lyrics that are biographic, the music uplifts with a higher, colourful arrangement.

Upbeat and rhythmic, the track guides it’s way through with a personal, upfront approach. Filled with infectious hooks, the memorable number will stand the test of time and always be a strong force in ARTGIRL’s discography. Drawing a string of influences to her sound, ARTGIRL experiments with her sound and captures a pure emotive nature in Get Down Let Down. 

Score: 3.5/5


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