The Calls – A Change Is Gonna Come Round Here (Review)

The Calls are back with their latest single ‘A Change Is Gonna Come Around Here’. Released October 4th via Atomic Records, the single illustrates frustration of the growing dystopia world that evolves around us. As a live fan favourite for some time, hearing the single recorded in the studio has made many fans happy. Mixing a combination of trip-hop, dub and  psychedelia, the band stated how the track has evolved over time. 

Doubling as a representation of the band’s evolution, the track identifies as a bold statement in their career to date. As the lovechild of The Clash and Portishead, the progress in the band’s sound has truly developed into it’s own realm. Erupting in it’s own dark, psychedelic rock atmosphere, the overall product is mesmerising to listen too, same goes for the video too!

Score: 3/5


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