Moonray – Come Away (Review)

Austin, TX based duo Moonray return with their second single β€œCome Away”. Coated in a synth-pop production, the two piece create a soundscape of 80’s synthesisers mixed with the nostalgia feel of the 70’s. Influenced by the likes of Madonna and Jimi Hendrix, the new number is an ode to a simple love song. Currently working on their upcoming album β€˜Digital Moon’, the self-produced and recorded LP will be released under their own label, β€˜Satellite Records’.

About the many things lovers go through, the song’s about staying strong for one another. Being there for each there in times of darkness and holding a light to show everything will be ok. As a real life couple, the chemistry in the single is breathtaking. Uplifting and showing a sense of maturity, the dreamy single feels like we’ve been transported into space. A subtle but effective take on love through a rollercoaster of joy and nostalgia.Β 

Score: 3/5


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