Fox Sinclair – Soft (Review)

LA songwriter, producer and pole dance instructor Fox Sinclair returns with her second single “Soft”. Illustrating the frustration of letting people walk all over you, the attitude filled number is a big middle fingers up to the haters and a change of mind in Fox. As for the track, it’s the first song revealed from her debut EP Playing to Win, produced by Tyler Chase and out this fall via Vydia. 

Speaking her mind and leaving her cards on the table, the mesmerising power that Fox illustrates is captivating. There’s no holding back and this number certainly fits today’s mainstream music perfectly. A necessary number in her catalogue so far, it’s empowering to hear the honesty. Raw and embracing a ‘in your face’ vibe, the electro-pop single highlights an artist simply being comfortable in her own skin.

Score: 3/5


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