KidEyes – Take Me Back In Time (Review)

LA based indie band KidEyes return with their third single “Take Me Back in Time”. Taken off their upcoming debut self-titled EP, out October 4th, the duo are set to take over the world. Comprising of vocalist Greg Cahon, and producer/multi instrumentalist Ben Epand, the duo tackle themes such as uncertainty, wonder, tragedy and triumph throughout their tracks. 

Illustrating that true love will always stand the test of time, “Take Me Back In Time” may tell the story of drifting out of the honeymoon period, but that’s when the relationship becomes truly real. Vibrant and mirroring the track’s message of the ‘dream phase’, the freshness that’s presented in the track feels like a different direction for the band. Uplifting and with a rose tinted shade, if this track doesn’t find its way onto a feel-good chick flick film, then the world is truly doomed. A fantastic alt-pop number from the colourful two piece. 

Score: 3/5


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