DELANILA – Time Slips Away (Review)

New experimental rock project DELANILA aka Danielle Schwob draws attention to the world’s technology side in debut track “Time Slips Away”. Demonstrating society’s obsession with talking through screens and not to actual faces, the sinister presence is frightening purely because the message is true. Bringing you up to speed, Danielle has built a successful reputation within concert work and score arrangement for films. Now bringing her own originality to the table, the soundscape is seriously frightening. 

The like button is the equivalent to a shot of dopamine. It’s like a drug” – Danielle Schwob

About wasting time online, the track was written during a period where Danielle worked at home and stared at a screen a lot. With deliberate repetitive lyrics, the repetition illustrates the constant battle of anxious thoughts that life can bring when it’s full speed ahead. Industrial and experimental, there’s a nudge towards acts such as Dalbello, Curve, Nine Inch Nails and even Björk. Different and unique with it’s innovative sound, the apocalyptic soundscape would be perfect for a scene in The Walking Dead. A powerful debut from a sensational songwriter. 

Score: 4/5


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