DELANILA – Time Slips Away (Review)

New experimental rock project DELANILA aka Danielle Schwob draws attention to the worldโ€™s technology side in debut track โ€œTime Slips Awayโ€. Demonstrating societyโ€™s obsession with talking through screens and not to actual faces, the sinister presence is frightening purely because the message is true. Bringing you up to speed, Danielle has built a successful reputation within concert work and score arrangement for films. Now bringing her own originality to the table, the soundscape is seriously frightening. 

โ€œThe like button is the equivalent to a shot of dopamine. Itโ€™s like a drugโ€ – Danielle Schwob

About wasting time online, the track was written during a period where Danielle worked at home and stared at a screen a lot. With deliberate repetitive lyrics, the repetition illustrates the constant battle of anxious thoughts that life can bring when itโ€™s full speed ahead. Industrial and experimental, thereโ€™s a nudge towards acts such as Dalbello, Curve, Nine Inch Nails and even Bjรถrk. Different and unique with itโ€™s innovative sound, the apocalyptic soundscape would be perfect for a scene in The Walking Dead. A powerful debut from a sensational songwriter. 

Score: 4/5


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