The Garage Flowers – Pandora Smiles (Review)

Taken off their upcoming debut EP ‘Moods Like English Weather’, The Garage Flowers brand new single ‘Pandora Smiles’ came all at once. Bringing you up to speed, the London based band have been gaining support from media outlets and the BBC for a couple of years now. Packed with rock and roll dance floor hits that elevate any type of mood, the latest number sees the band strip it down ever so slightly. Described as a song that simply wrote itself, the band demoed the entire thing very quickly. Within 90 minutes apparently! Stacked with hits, their personal tunes highlight that they aren’t just the typical indie rock band, they fuse something quite special. 

Lyrically, Pandora Smiles simply lists evils in the verses, while the choruses uplift with an escapism. With a reference to the Greek “Pandora’s Box” myth, the negativeness that lies inside the box (aka verses) are reassured with the positive build up from the choruses. Fusing a big chorus with the general feel good atmosphere, it’s a different vibe from anything else on the upcoming EP. An enchanting blend of indie rock with traditional rock and roll with true ‘heart on the sleeve’ type of lyrics.

Score: 3.5/5


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