Rob Drabkin – It’s a Beautiful Day (Review)

Writing this feature on a beautiful summer’s day in August, this is definitely the song of the day. Entitled “It’s a Beautiful Day”, indie folk artist Rob Drabkin released back in 2018. Taken off the Beautiful Day EP, the track features stadium vocals, a pulsating rhythm and intelligent guitar melodies. As an uplifting anthem, it’s inspiring fans all across the globe.

Shining positive vibes through your speakers, the song may fit within a simple arrangement, but it’s engaging spirit is really something special. Lyrically, it’s not very imaginative, but the motivation it gives off is purely breathtaking. It’s a track you’d stick on at a summer party to get people dancing. Featuring a polished production, even though the track is a few months old now, it still is memorable and a stand out track in Rob’s discography. 

Score: 3/5


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