Patternist – I Don’t Feel Real (Review)

Fronted by Gabe Mouer, Patternist is a collective that blends percussive rhythms, angelic arrangements alongside blissful lyrics. Set to release their debut album “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Here” September 6th via InVogue Records, “I Don’t Feel Real” is a segment into what the album will sound like. A visionary soundscape of what was actually a first step into Gabe’s new songwriting approach. Diving into a more ‘narrative’ world, the new single felt like the answers after a dealing with a loss of identity as a songwriter. Finding his feet firmly back on the grow, the latest number has already received over 280,000 streams since it’s July 26th release.

A descriptive story about someone winding up in hospital after an emotional breakdown, the track hits close to home. Bringing in a personal approach to songwriting too, there’s a lot of hope within the number. Meant to not be a 3 minute track on sadness, the song features a lot of motivation to become the best version of yourself. With it’s highly energetic arrangement, what began as a self destructive story, came to a close with finding reality. As for the video, it’s slightly outrageous and bizarre but fits the story of the number perfectly. A fantastic track from an artist who’s aiming for the stars. 

Score: 3.5/5


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