BAD – Sweat (Review)

NYC duo BAD is comprised of Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman. Having met at high school, the songwriters have been joined at the hip and writing music ever since. Joined by a group of musicians to help lead their debut EP “GOOD”, fans have been dancing all over the world. Influenced by funk and pop arrangements, it’s like Ariana Grande met with Prince to record a song and Quincy Jones produced it. Sweat” is a summer bop that we certainly needed in the world right now. 

Hence the title “Sweat”, it’s a track that will get you on a dance floor busting some moves. Making you sweat from it’s fiery production, the 80’s meet the 90’s for a vintage arrangement. Highly energetic and bursting with confidence, the melodies are contagious with hints of a shimmering future lying in the core. With added elements of humour, it’s a fun loving track that beams with motivation. A stand out part of the track has to be the instrumentation behind the vocals. Wacky and somewhat bizarre for this day and age, it’s great to hear the duo trying something different for listeners around the globe, and it sure does make them distinctive. 

Score: 3.5/5


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