Francis – Fade Away (Review)

Consisting of singer-songwriter Alex Wesley and an ever changing collection of musicians that create the music, Francis is a Milton Keynes based collective. Born in Milton Keynes, Alex began playing music at the age of 4 with learning the piano before comfortable landing on the guitar as well. Influences include Foo Fighters and Coldplay, “Fade Away” is the most recent release from Francis. With releasing debut EP “The Long Way Back Around” back in January, the fanbase is growing and the songs are getting stronger.

About hoping that feelings don’t fade away, Francis captures the ‘honeymoon period’ of how couples are besotted in that phase of the relationship. Blending the love atmosphere with a Guns N Roses meets Corey Taylor essence, the single is emotional to say the least. We hear lead vocalist Alex quite vulnerable, proving the track is personal to him. As for the production, it’s polished but there’s some raw essence to it making it a lot more human. I feel the track isn’t as strong as the arrangement itself, but Alex’s vocals fit all the pieces together nicely. 

Score: 3/5


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