Arliston – I Have No Honour (Review)

Experimental pop outift Arliston create a mesmerising blend of experimental pop with hip hop drum loops in latest single “I Have No Honour”. Their ambient approach to songwriting just makes them a whole lot more unique then other artists out there at the moment. With I Have No Honour being their second single of the year, it’s looking to be plain sailing for the band from here on out. 

Personally, I’m not usually a fan of the whole autotune thing, but there’s something about this track that made me fall for. It’s core and arrangement of telling a story in this strange, diverse way proves the experimental vibe of the band is true. Even though it’s very much based around electronica, there’s a real ‘human’ feel to it’s structure. It’s message showcases the feeling of comparing yourself to other and seeing others in a rose tinted sense. Even though the subject feels quite dark, it’s important and something a lot of artists don’t talk about much. We all get like it in our lives and it’s relatable. Overall, it’s production and arrangement blossoms a transforming aesthetic of self worth. 

Score: 3.5/5


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