The Singslayer – Bend the Knee (Review)

Cameron Dietz is here with his debut single “Bend the Knee”. Known as The Singslayer, the debut track is inspired by Game of Thrones but with an R&B twist to it’s aura. Coated with the fear and regret of losing someone special, if future releases are anything like this number, it’s looking to be a colourful rainbow ahead. Cameron has previously released much under his own name, but now with The Singslayer, it’s a fresh outlook for the star. The Singslayer, if you’d like to think about it, is an alter ego. Having a new role model on stage as such is always a different aspect for the audience to appreciate.

Identifying with a memorable melody and a prominent production, it’s a glistening approach to what is a dark programme. Even if you aren’t a GOT fan like myself, you can still appreciate the thought process behind the track. With “Bend the Knee” quickly storing into your head, the killer rhythm of the track is a wonderful adaption to a new perspective for Cameron. 

Score: 3/5


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