The Singslayer – Bend the Knee (Review)

Cameron Dietz is here with his debut single β€œBend the Knee”. Known as The Singslayer, the debut track is inspired by Game of Thrones but with an R&B twist to it’s aura. Coated with the fear and regret of losing someone special, if future releases are anything like this number, it’s looking to be a colourful rainbow ahead. Cameron has previously released much under his own name, but now with The Singslayer, it’s a fresh outlook for the star. The Singslayer, if you’d like to think about it, is an alter ego. Having a new role model on stage as such is always a different aspect for the audience to appreciate.

Identifying with a memorable melody and a prominent production, it’s a glistening approach to what is a dark programme. Even if you aren’t a GOT fan like myself, you can still appreciate the thought process behind the track. With β€œBend the Knee” quickly storing into your head, the killer rhythm of the track is a wonderful adaption to a new perspective for Cameron.Β 

Score: 3/5


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