TV Coma – Body Negativity (Review)

Combining a force of Weezer mixed with Blur, the musical adventure that is TV Coma are here with their debut release โ€œBody Negativityโ€. Involving six tracks of a wonderful journey of emotions, the ‘in your faceโ€™ indie punk nature of the band will make you fall head over heels for them. The quartet are currently on a UK tour with their next dates seeing them in the London area (more details at the end of this feature).

“Have A Party” features a chord progression like no other. Running through major to minor, the identifiable rhythm of the track makes it a huge part of the EP. An exceptional beginning to what seems to be a fantastic EP ahead. “Digital Girl” gives a friendly nudge to Weezer once again, but with a more Blink 182 fun loving nature. Itโ€™s pop punk with elements of a memorable chorus. Adventurous harmonies piece the puzzle together to be a greatly appreciated number.

“Trudy” stills holds onto a pop punk nature with a contagious vocal line. Who knew that Trudy could have so many syllables, ay? A personal opinion, but I would have liked the song to adventure slightly more towards a dynamically built party. Nevertheless, the number is still warming. “Unemployable” begins with a metal inspired introduction before heading back to the pop punk vibe. Ironically, the track is about being too poor to buy biscuits while having a breakdown in a biscuit aisle. Itโ€™s relatable and human. Weโ€™ve all had a breakdown at some point about money, unless youโ€™re Jay Z whoโ€™s just become the worldโ€™s first billionaire rapperโ€ฆ

“I Donโ€™t Like Football” of course has to feature a football like chant to just bring all the pieces together. Even if you donโ€™t like football same as the band, thereโ€™s still something about this track that will make you sing a long like youโ€™re supporting a football team in a stadium. Petition for this to be the next World Cup hit? OR on the next Fifa? “Grow Up” continues the chant like vocals of the EP and is a perfect send off to an brilliant debut. It features the immaturity of wanting to stay young forever but at the same time, the lads are being mature on what theyโ€™re preaching about. Creatively, itโ€™s an EP that holds onto their true sound but gives their main influences a gentle hug. 

Score: 7/10


You can catch the band on tour…
15th June – The Horn, St. Albans
17th June – The Monarch, Camden, London
21st June – Jericho Tavern, Oxford

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