TV Coma – Body Negativity (Review)

Combining a force of Weezer mixed with Blur, the musical adventure that is TV Coma are here with their debut release “Body Negativity”. Involving six tracks of a wonderful journey of emotions, the ‘in your face’ indie punk nature of the band will make you fall head over heels for them. The quartet are currently on a UK tour with their next dates seeing them in the London area (more details at the end of this feature).

“Have A Party” features a chord progression like no other. Running through major to minor, the identifiable rhythm of the track makes it a huge part of the EP. An exceptional beginning to what seems to be a fantastic EP ahead. “Digital Girl” gives a friendly nudge to Weezer once again, but with a more Blink 182 fun loving nature. It’s pop punk with elements of a memorable chorus. Adventurous harmonies piece the puzzle together to be a greatly appreciated number.

“Trudy” stills holds onto a pop punk nature with a contagious vocal line. Who knew that Trudy could have so many syllables, ay? A personal opinion, but I would have liked the song to adventure slightly more towards a dynamically built party. Nevertheless, the number is still warming. “Unemployable” begins with a metal inspired introduction before heading back to the pop punk vibe. Ironically, the track is about being too poor to buy biscuits while having a breakdown in a biscuit aisle. It’s relatable and human. We’ve all had a breakdown at some point about money, unless you’re Jay Z who’s just become the world’s first billionaire rapper…

“I Don’t Like Football” of course has to feature a football like chant to just bring all the pieces together. Even if you don’t like football same as the band, there’s still something about this track that will make you sing a long like you’re supporting a football team in a stadium. Petition for this to be the next World Cup hit? OR on the next Fifa? “Grow Up” continues the chant like vocals of the EP and is a perfect send off to an brilliant debut. It features the immaturity of wanting to stay young forever but at the same time, the lads are being mature on what they’re preaching about. Creatively, it’s an EP that holds onto their true sound but gives their main influences a gentle hug. 

Score: 7/10


You can catch the band on tour…
15th June – The Horn, St. Albans
17th June – The Monarch, Camden, London
21st June – Jericho Tavern, Oxford

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