Johari Noelle – Things You Can’t Say Out Loud (Review)

Born in Chicago, singer songwriter Johari Noelle breathes honesty throughout her music discography. Brought up in the music industry with a musical dad, the songbird has a biting vocal range that will leave you breathless. In 2015, Noelle joined the series Chasing Destiny in which she was mentored by Kelly Rowland. Fast forward a few years, she’s here with her debut EP ‘Things You Can’t Say Out Loud‘. Citing Sade, Beyonce and Amy Winehouse as main inspirations within her music. Channelling her own narrative, TYCSOL is an exceptional debut release. 

Beginning with a ‘I’m going crazy’ vibe, the hip hop flavouring in “Crazy/Lonely” ends with a level ambience showcasing the ‘loneliness’. A blend of two worlds together to create a fascinating story.  Next track, “Regrets” highlights a wondrous groove lingers around the hook line “ should have done, could have done, would’ve done better”. There’s layers of soul within this number that makes it a strong contender on the EP.

“Release” may be my least favourite track on the EP because it doesn’t really build up to anything. Saying that, the space on this song reveals that everything is simply polished with a wonderful production. The EP was recorded with engineer Matt Hennessy of VSOP Studios, who’s worked with Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West to name a few. “Too Much” would have been huge in the 90’s. R&B flavouring, the octave effect makes the song feel rigid and rough round the edges. Filled with attitude, ‘Too Much’ compliments Johari’s smokey vocals like a flower blooming towards the sunlight. 

“Show Me” tells the story of working through a relationship and using communication to listen to one another’s views. “I don’t want to waste yours or mine” indicates that Noelle will try anything to make sure the relationship works. Love hearted eyes are flying around the atmosphere with this one, it’s emotional indicator proves how Johari’s songwriting will grow and grow. Massive Jorja Smith vibes on this number. 

A great debut from this soulful songwriter.

Score: 7/10


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