Sunstreets – What’s Out There (Review)

Pop rock outfit Sunstreets are glowing avenues with their new single “What’s Out There”. Released May 31st, the track has already been a great fit for the band’s repetoire. With a bright future of upcoming gigs and radio play, it’s no wonder the Southampton based collective are soon to become the next big thing for the area. 

Linking in with the struggles of day to day life for what sounds like someone with mental health problems, “What’s Out There” is complimented with luxurious guitar melodies, soothing but dominating vocals and a fascinating pulse from the bass and drums. Best way I can describe this creation is the simplicity of Fleetwood Mac’s writing but tinged with the pop essence of early Avril Lavigne It includes repetition towards the end and doesn’t hold a strong power, but the pop rock track is one to make you still swoon at the knees. 

Score: 3/5


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