Cloe Wilder – Save Me. (Review)

Previously heard on MoggBlog pop songwriter Cloe Wilder is back with her third single to date, ‘Save Me.’ Produced by Grammy-award winning Jayme David Silverstein, the emotive single blends a pop aura with a powerful soundscape of relatable lyrics. At the young age of 13, this songstress is confirming what everyone is talking about, how she’s one of the most vibrant new artists to approach on the scene in a long time. Could Cloe Wilder be the next Billie Eilish? I think so. 

With it’s own music video, the transcendent single may just well be Cloe’s best track to date. Featuring a simple but effective electronic arrangement, Cloe’s vocals flow through the song’s structure like water flowing through a stream. Easily and right at home, the dark-pop hit sits as reassurance for fans that may relate. Not necessarily written from Cloe’s point of view, she hopes that the song may help others out there who may be suffering. 

Score: 3/5


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