Lauren Alex Hooper – Invisible (Review)

Brighton based 24 year old singer songwriter Lauren Alex Hooper has an ability to tell a story through her songs that are relatable and passionate. Bringing honesty and a pure caring nature to the table, she draws inspiration from fellow female songwriters Lauren Aquilina and Sara Bareilles. Coated with a catchy pop arrangement, her debut single “Invisible” has been her comfort within the darkness. The single was released back in 2018, but with a new, fresh music video just been released for it last week, the song really is a warm blanket that will shield away the badness

Representing the struggle that mental health can bring, Lauren paints out relevant words on a blank canvas that showcases imagery of an uncomfortable routine that mental health brings. “Am I invisible to you?” indicates the feeling of asking for support from others and being completely shut out. A powerful song that’s secured with an emotional, ‘live’ video. The song was released as a charity single for Young Minds, which stays close to Lauren’s heart as you can tell. Instrumentally, the track is fairly simple and doesn’t grab your attention fully, but it’s the lyrics that will make you feel something. A strong, beautiful pop that blends all the right things. Stick with Lauren on her empowering journey to motivate others and what a fantastic role model she is. 

Score: 3.5/5

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