LX Mason – Drink Me Goodbye (Review)

Electro Pop artist John Davis who goes under the stage name of LX Mason originally is from Florida but currently resides in Sydney. I think we all get to the stage where we get fed up with being walked over, LX states this perfectly within his music. Oozing with personality and charisma, there’s layers of originality within the latest single “Drink Me Goodbye”. With a soulful melody, the electro pop number is one to get you grooving along to it in no time. 

The single is for the people who know they’re on worth. It identifies the events of an ex trying to come back into your life because they realise they let something amazing go. You can hear the tragedy of this relationship that left a statement in John’s life. Best way to think of it, as a songwriter, we get trampled on and under a lot of stress, but think of it this way…. you end up with a killer track just like this one. This anthem is one to grip hold to when feeling low, it’ll motivate you to realise that the one person you can depend on is yourself. As for the music video, it preaches the song perfectly through a stunning storyline and a downward spiral of ‘rollercoaster’ emotions. Vivid and holding a big statement, LX Mason is destined for a colourful future. 

Score: 4/5



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