2020 Singles

Lauren Alex Hooper – Clarity (Review)

Lauren Alex Hooper breathes honesty and passion throughout her music. Brighton based singer-songwriter Lauren has previously been featured on MoggBlog with her debut single “Invisible”, and is now preparing for the release of her EP ‘Honest”. Likened to Taylor Swift and early Lauren Aquilina, she’s known for memorable pop melodies and a breathtaking talent in… Continue reading Lauren Alex Hooper – Clarity (Review)

2018 Singles

Lauren Alex Hooper – Invisible (Review)

Brighton based 24 year old singer songwriter Lauren Alex Hooper has an ability to tell a story through her songs that are relatable and passionate. Bringing honesty and a pure caring nature to the table, she draws inspiration from fellow female songwriters Lauren Aquilina and Sara Bareilles. Coated with a catchy pop arrangement, her debut… Continue reading Lauren Alex Hooper – Invisible (Review)