Iris – Crazy (Review)

Released almost two months ago, Iris’ debut single “Crazy” has already been featured on Netflix productions. Hailing from New Jersey, Iris brings her honesty and purity into her music. As for an artist who’s career has only just begun, she’s already gaining a high level of recognition, which is truly deserved. Produced by Grammy Award Winning Taylor Johnson and Malay, the new single now has it’s own music video. Embarking on how love can be something that hurts us, the hazards that lie behind the meaning is bathed with an atmospheric production. 

Drawing Stevie Nicks as an influence, you can definitely hear a Lady Gaga presence in Iris’ vocals. Instrumentally, the track is fairly simple and doesn’t go complex at any time. Keeping it minimalistic, the arrangement may not change but it still will grab you in with every limb. There seems to be a jazz approach to this alternative pop track, it layers with enthusiasm just like Ella Fitzgerald would use to portray. She sings about heartbreak but there’s a thick coating of comfort from her soothing vocals. A fantastic debut single that will make you excited for future releases from Iris.

Score: 4/5

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