Tides – You Know (Review)

Hard rock collectives TIDES are based in London. Back with their first single since their 2018 EP β€œInventing Lives”, β€œYou Know” is a combination of all the nineties and noughties rock bands that we all love. Hearing a strong influence of Queens of the Stone Age but with the female vocals, the band remind me slightly of Shirley Manson’s band β€œGarbage”.

Inheriting the vintage sound, the songwriting of the song is fairly simple but still effective. Vocals are the most prominent with the chorus being a memorable part throughout. Powerful and fitted round some lush melodies, this is a band that I won’t get tired of hearing. Strong songwriting and head full of ambition, β€œYou Know” is a whirlwind of emotions that won’t be leaving your head anytime soon. 

Score: 3.5/5




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