Valencia James – Flames (Review)

Residing in Sydney, Australia but born stateside, Valencia James is a dark pop artist that layers her emotions delicately onto a plate. This new, fresh artist is one that will stop you in your tracks ready to watch her career blossom into a beautiful rose. Here with her debut single “Flames”, the powerful emotive track cuts deep and buries its head within your arms. 

Stemming from a tragic story of when Valencia’s family home got burnt down in the Waldo Canyon Fire, the tragic experience sparked the songwriter to get personal and write exactly how she felt about the situation. The track feels like it has two different meanings buried under it, which I really love. One being the prominent situation of the house fire and two, perhaps a relationship that’s gone/going sour. Blending confident lyrics and atmospheric rhythms, this is a strong debut single that will grab your attention straight away. 

Score: 4/5

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