Monti – Shadow (Review)

Los Angeles based singer songwriter Lauren Silva ‘Monti’ empowers our generation with the most humble lyrical intake that you’ll hear for some time to come. After a rough upbringing, her defeated past has shaped her to create tracks that are relatable and heartbreaking. Here with “Shadow” (which is took off her debut EP “This Is For You”) is out now, whereas the EP drops this Thursday.

Detecting the true meaning of being crazy in love, “Shadow” features an electric production comforting an elegant R&B melody. A ‘badass’ attitude fits the soul track down to a tee. If this had to be related to a type of ‘era’, it would be when Bruno Mars released Runaway Baby. Maybe this is Monti’s reaction to that? Set for a fantastic future ahead of her, the EP is about to drop and if it’s anything like this track, things are about to get hot!

Score: 3.5/5

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