Tadhg Daly – Hit the Ground (Review)

Jersey born and bred, indie pop artist Tadhg Daly is back with the heart warming “Hit the Ground”. Due for release tomorrow, the empowering number is definitely a track that will make you weak at the knees with it’s message. With already a few milestones achieved; Tadhg has supported James Blunt and The Hoosiers, the artist is sure to be reaching for the stars and with his latest single. The only way is up.

The best way I can describe Tadhg and his music is natural. It’s a second nature to him and you can really tell that with his performances live and in the studio. Tadhg has stated that the track is a kind of ‘rebirth’ and an awakening to being the best version of himself. As a whole, the track is about letting go of fear. The production and arrangement highlight positivity and unfolds as it dynamically lifts. Infused with Pop, the track is fairly simple, but hits us straight in the feels with it’s spiritual awakening. If you’re feeling numb, listen to this and I’m sure you will feel awake again.

The track is available from tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Tadhg’s full discography so far below.

Score: 3/5





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