Lexytron – Brand New (Review)

Discovering a new light in yourself is always going to be great. Reinventing and becoming the best version of yourself should be on anyone’s bucket list. Lexytron has already done that. With latest single “Brand New” poetically telling a story of independence, the ‘half greek half english’ songwriter spreads positivity like no other.

“Brand New” will catch your heart and you won’t want it to be set free. Captured in the essence of airy vocals, it feels like we’ve been transported back to the noughties. The simple but effective pop arrangement holds close to home with honesty. Similarities of early Liz Phair and Regina Spektor, what’s not to like? Lexytron brings her own originality to the table with flair and confidence. Next in store for the songwriter is the full single release. We’ve only heard one side of “Brand New”… Dropping 26th April will be the other half.. 

Debut album “Something Blue” which will be released mid-2019.

Score: 3/5




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