Lexytron – Brand New (Review)

Discovering a new light in yourself is always going to be great. Reinventing and becoming the best version of yourself should be on anyoneโ€™s bucket list. Lexytron has already done that. With latest single โ€œBrand Newโ€ poetically telling a story of independence, the ‘half greek half englishโ€™ songwriter spreads positivity like no other.

โ€œBrand Newโ€ will catch your heart and you wonโ€™t want it to be set free. Captured in the essence of airy vocals, it feels like weโ€™ve been transported back to the noughties. The simple but effective pop arrangement holds close to home with honesty. Similarities of early Liz Phair and Regina Spektor, whatโ€™s not to like? Lexytron brings her own originality to the table with flair and confidence. Next in store for the songwriter is the full single release. Weโ€™ve only heard one side of โ€œBrand Newโ€โ€ฆย Dropping 26th April will be the other half..ย 

Debut album โ€œSomething Blueโ€ which will be released mid-2019.

Score: 3/5




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