Fiona Grey – Girls Like Me (Review)

Originally from Chicago, Fiona Grey, now Los Angeles based songwriter, has a real raw talent. Showcasing some of the best soulful vocals I’ve heard in a long time, the melodies of latest single “Girls Like Me” is really something quite special. Taken off the “Cult Classic” EP which was released back in September, ‘Girls Like Me’ is honest and that lacks big time in the industry at the moment. 

Dealing with the importance of showing your different sides to someone who means a lot to you. Whether it’s vulnerability or something you don’t want to share, you need to always just be yourself. Regina Spektor vibes centre the track, but ‘Girls Like Me’ has it’s own identity. It’s own originality. It’s own story. For a simple track, the vocals are stealing the show left right and centre. Filled with emotions, it builds dynamically with Fiona’s raw essence to get her point across. The music video showcases different sides to Fiona and is quite theatrical. Different costumes and facial expressions are of course going to tell a big story in itself. Fantastic video for a modern track. What I like about this so much is that it’s pop, but still human. A lot of mainstream music is over produced and processed like Mcdonalds food. Whereas Fiona’s Girls Like Me is stripped back and awakening. 

Score: 3/5

Directed by Noah Miller
Produced by Valerie Thueson
Styled by Gigi Lyn
Make up & hair by Stacy Salazar

Written by Fiona Grey
Produced by Mike Schuppan (Ziggy Marley, Paramore)
Mastered by Dave Cooley (Stone Temple Pilots)

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