Sylvette – Memories (Falling) Review

5 piece art rock band originating from Manchester,ย Sylvette, drew my attention in from the first chord strung in latest single โ€œMemories (Falling)โ€. Drawing influences from artists such as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley (same as me) and Neutral Milk Hotel, they deliver an explosive sound. Naming themselves after a Picasso painting, Sylvette are quite artistic to say the least and are also friends with the real life ‘Sylvette’. From their fashion sense to their music, theyโ€™ve got it all planned out. First release of 2019 has brought high praise for the band, and theyโ€™ve definitely found a new fan in myself. Quirky track of feeling trapped is portrayed through the music video.

“Memories (Falling)” features an unbelievable production, I mean, everything is clear and filled with clarity. A subtle chord progression coated with a polished stereo delay compliments the mix with a glowing light. Sound is everything, you can have the talent and write great song, but if you donโ€™t ‘sound’ good, then you donโ€™t have what it takes. As for Sylvette, they really do have it all and have clearly put time and effort into making their discography. Written about someone whoโ€™s lost their mind after realising the world he lives in is nothing like he thought itโ€™d be. To cope, he dives into his own mind and creates his own world of lunacy and bizarreness. Iโ€™m asked to review a lot of great music and itโ€™s tracks like this that really stick out to me. Filled with originality, strange elements and an experience that you wouldnโ€™t ever want to forget, the nostalgic โ€˜memoriesโ€™ wonโ€™t be forgotten any time soon.

Score: 4/5

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