Trapdoor Social – The Move (Review)

Independent Los Angeles based band, Trapdoor Social have stated they’re on a ‘mission.’ The 5 piece band combine their music with activism by hosting fundraising projects with fellow sponsors. They toured America and shined energy through their live sets. Showcasing their talents through solar-powered concerts and outdoor venues, it’s great to see a band taking care for the world and others around us. 

Back with latest release “The Move”, it feels a slightly different direction for the band. Taking into consideration modern times, the movements that are prominent in music at the moment are chart music and the indie underground. Guitar tones in “The Move” sound like independent bands all over the world, while the arrangement has a soft pop twang. As a whole, it comes together to make this delicious cake, each slice being a different flavour. Infectious chorus “You too can be part of the move” is a breath of fresh air and rolls off the tongue easy. 

The Move is out now, so check it out. Oh, while you’re at it, check out the rest of Trapdoor Social’s discography – there’s a whole lot of bangers to be discovered. 

Score: 3.5/5

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