Introducing: Killing Faith

Featuring the partnership of Faith Davies & Max Killing, the duo have released two tracks over the past week. Studying at Kidderminster College is probably one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s a college where you literally have the free rein to make the music that you choose to make, plus the lecturers there are all masters of their own craft. From Phi Yaan Zek (read my live review of his here), Andy Edwards (Robert Plant, Frost*) & Steve Lawson (solo bass player), they strive to help the students in any way shape all form.

The first track that Killing Faith released was only two days ago, called “The Boy Who Lost His Mind”. Before listening to it, I saw the artwork and simply thought “wait, is this going to be metal?” It was a nice surprise to find this subtle indie track hiding behind the nun’s cross. Faith’s loose vocals aren’t perfect, but the craft and some what simplicity of her vocal phrasing compliments the song perfectly. Reminds me of the Amsterdam band Pip Blom who are plummeting the music scene good and proper at the moment. Instrumentally, the playing is inexact but yet again, the imperfection of the track makes you like it more and more. Only thing I could say to improve on is to work on the mix, as sometimes the instruments feel a bit lost. Got to give it to Faith for playing literally everything on this track except bass – multi talented or what?

Now it’s Max’s turn to play everything except for Alto Sax. “Expensive Habits” is a bit obvious of what it’s about. We get stuck in nasty habits and end up spending our money on things we don’t need *cough* alcohol to name one *cough*. This track has a more jazz inspired feel to it, but it is still situated within the indie genre. Both tracks have a laid-back approach. Faith’s track has a kind of nature that’s similar to Catherine Tate’s “Am I Bothered?” or Alanis Morisette’s “You broke my heart, now I’m going to stomp on yours!” Whereas Max’s track is a lot more chilled and sounds influenced by the kind of music Superfood writes. It just works, there’s nothing really else to say apart from it’s music that you’d listen to for chilling out. Short but sweet and full of wit, I’m excited to hear future releases from the duo. Maybe even some gigs? Be interested to see them play all the instruments… looping could work perhaps.

Big shout out to Kidderminster College Music for the freedom that you let the students have with creating songs that are definitely personal to them. 

Score: 3/5

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