Restless Youth – My Medicine (Review)

The third studio release from Theo, known as Restless Youth, is the personal track “My Medicine”. From Glastonbury in the UK, Theo began to write songs at the young age of 13 after being inspired by the history of reggae and artists such as the Marley family. Theo describes his songs as “protest music”, I think this is because of his personal interaction with the music. He goes deep into his emotions, and My Medicine just confirms that.

“Music is medicinal to me, and profoundly important to my personal wellbeing. I often write protest songs about contemporary issues and politics – but in all honesty most of the time that I’m playing/writing music I’m processing my emotions and giving my mind a rest. I think it’s crucial that everyone finds an outlet like that; most of us have no problem taking some paracetamol and getting an early night if we feel rough physically, so why shouldn’t we assign time to care for our mental health? Whatever your medicine is, use it, it’s not a waste of time.” 

Beginning with a reverse type of effect, this version of My Medicine features a full band arrangement, whereas live Restless Youth usually plays it solo with a loop pedal. I’m very intrigued to hear how he can make this song work acoustically, as the percussion and bass gel the song in such a warming way. As for Theo’s vocals, he has a folk-pop orientated vocal range, which ironically makes the song feel slightly more folk-pop then reggae. It’s diverse and a completely original approach to reggae. With a memorable hook line and identifiably cheesy lyrics, Restless Youth’s My Medicine is a drug in which you become addicted too. 

Score: 3/5

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