GoldWater – Warpath (Single Review)

From their hometown of Leicester, the lads of GoldWater are known for their foot stomping music. Their latest single “Warpath” just cements that fact to be 100% true.

GoldWater Live Photo

The track is drowned with a blues structure, but it’s the big gospel vocals that situates the song with a natural hip hop essence. This essence definitely makes the band a bit out of their comfort zone but it’s always great to see artists explore different aspects of music. The song deals with a shrug of the shoulders like attitude that the heavy, distorted guitar riffs compliment really well. As a whole, I’m really liking the punch this song gives. I’m not a huge fan of the production as there are parts where I can hear what the singer’s exactly saying, but I think that’s definitely what the band wanted with this song. The song has a sense of confusion which just builds making it feel strange and if there’s a problem that hasn’t been solved in the story. I like this a lot as it leaves the audience asking questions. The band’s live shows cause quite a stir with their lead singer stomping through the crowd delivering the preach like lyrics and it’s great they include this factor in their studio work too. GoldWater are definitely a band that you don’t want to miss if you’re into psychedelic blues.




Score – 3.5/5

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