The HomeGrown – Just Another Royal Wedding (EP Review)

Known for their catchy choruses and honest opinions, the politically inspired band; The HomeGrown blend together soft guitar chords, quirky bass riffs, singing, rapping and simple drum beats to create their sound. The band have only been together for 3 years, where the frontman and guitarist met at university, now the band are based in Bedford and have released their first EP which is filled with humour and adrenaline.

The EP is introduced with a warm acoustic guitar tone that’s filled with adrenaline and fun. “Some People” features two vocalists; one singing, while the other raps. A really interesting combination to say the least, and it sure does work well together. It gives the song a Gorillaz vibe, but the music is totally original. Some People tells a story about people who don’t like the way others do things. It can be took politically, but to begin with, it feels a bit more personal as everyone deals with people in their life who they don’t really like or vice versa. The instrumentation of the song isn’t too complex which makes it easier to listen to in a way, seeing as there’s so much going on with the vocals. As the song progresses, it does start to get a bit more political with the lyrics “Daily toilet papers, spreading mistrust and fear, the world is changing for the worse, the time to act is near” talking about the tabloids. Some of us try to avoid politics, but we still get it thrown in our faces. For such a short song, it brings across a big message.

“Broke in Britain” instantly, before the song even started, I knew what it would be about. The song deals with the bands view on our country right now. The lyric “Theresa darling, you look stressed, selling on our NHS, you’re the one not fit for purpose and you’re leading our society” shows the bands views on Theresa May, and I think we understand that they don’t like her. I love how in music, artists can be so personal with their views and I really do like how the boys aren’t scared to show how they really feel with our country at this specific time. The instrumentation is similar to the first song, but I think really, it’s just their sound. The song has more punk elements then the first track, as it’s got more of an attitude. Occasionally, the verses start with a subtle ska-funk, fast part which doesn’t really have a big enough impact than it should do.

The boys of The HomeGrown really do have a “f*** it, we don’t care!” attitude. The next song tells a story with what feels like an imaginary vision/goal that the boys want to accomplish; performing to “10,000 in Merthyr.” They’ve played in Merthyr before which is half way to completing their goal I guess, but I wonder if it was in front of 10,000 people? Some day, guys. The bass’ tone isn’t quite to my personal preference as I feel it’s slightly too warm for such a pop-punk track, it should have been a bit more brighter and in your face to really capture the light of the song.

The last track on this quirky EP is “Summer Song” which just happens to be the longest song too. I personally feel it’s the best track on the whole EP, as it’s definitely a feel good track. It tells the audience about how things are always better when the sun comes out and that’s mostly true, depending on the situation. This is definitely going to be a song that people will be playing and dancing to in the summer. The brass section in the track is really warming too, making the song sound even more summery. I’m really liking how this political EP comes to an end with such a happy song, meaning perhaps we all will get a happy ending someday.

Favourite Tracks: Some People, Broke in Britain, Summer Song
Score: 6.5/10

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