Interview with Anna Thompson

Independent pop artist Anna Thompson returns with the heartfelt anthem ‘Gone (Love Letters)’. Her interest in music has been constant since childhood, though her first break into the industry occurred when she was 16. After participating in a national talent search, she was offered a recording contract by a major label. She took a step back from high school in order to pursue this opportunity, though after nearly a year of work, the label decided against pursuing a further relationship with Anna. After which she returned to school with a mere two months remaining, and managed to graduate on time with her peers. Following her rather abnormal high school experience, she took all the knowledge from her label experience, and used it to her advantage as an independent artist. 

Introduce yourself (yourselves) and your hidden talent!

My name is Anna Thompson, I’m from Seattle WA, and I make pop music!

What’s your writing process like? Do you write the music or lyrics first?

Unfortunately, I always get the best ideas in bed. Usually, the initial idea consists of both a melody and lyric. I’ll reluctantly get up, take out my phone, and record a (sometimes unintelligible) voice note. Then, I’ll revisit it the next day, and write around it at my piano. Once the whole song is written, I take it into the studio, cut a scratch vocal a capella, and produce under it.

Who are your main musical influences and why?

I’m very heavily influenced by Ariana Grande. My sophomore year of high school, I decided my angsty “against the grain” “no pop music” lifestyle should probably conclude if I wanted to pursue that genre myself. I decided to start listening to more top 40, and she was the first artist who came to mind. I’d never really listened intently to her music, and I was absolutely enamored with her vocal ability. I wanted to be able to sing the way she did, but I couldn’t. I copied everything she did with her voice, until I developed my own pop sound that I was happy with. I wouldn’t have been so driven to reach that level of technical skill if it weren’t for her.

If you could change about the music industry, what would it be?

If I could change anything, I’d probably change the way the industry is dominated by social media. I feel like the world is missing out on exposure to so much cool music because it hasn’t blown up onn TikTok, and therefore is less likely to receive label support. Though I understand why it happens, I sometimes wish it were different.

Tell MoggBlog viewers about your latest release! What’s the inspiration behind that?

My new song “Gone (Love Letters)” is a jazz inspired breakup song. Writing it was what gave me the motivation to actually pursue said breakup. I really hope it can do the same for the listeners that need that push also.

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