Scott Helman – Pretty

Pop singer-songwriter Scott Helman pushes boundaries in the immersive new single ‘Pretty‘. Directed by longtime collaborator Ben Knechtel, the visuals put Helman on full display in a pulsating solo performance – experimenting with dazzling makeup and flowing outfits. The second track to be released from Scott Helman’s forthcoming album, due out next year, explores the idea of gender expression.

ā€œThis song was a big step for me in exploration and limits. I wanted to take myself as far as I could down the line of ā€˜uncomfortableā€™ while still maintaining what feels like me.Ā Ultimately, I thought it was such a special thought ā€“ the idea that someone can be so beautiful that you just want a bit of them to become part of you. In that thought, there is so much beauty and humour ā€“ the transcendence ofĀ traditionalĀ gender roles, the flirt, the strangeness. Thatā€™s what excited me about our initial demo, and what continues to excite me now.ā€

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