Lucy May Walker – Nothing Ever Stays The Same

A month on from its release, this album is still very much leaving me mesmerised. “Nothing Ever Stays The Same” is a journey of emotions, and the best part is, everyone is invited along. Right up my street, there are influences throughout of empowering female artists such as Jade Bird & Orla Gartland, but Lucy May Walker is paving a glistening path on her own.

The title ‘Nothing Ever Stays The Same’ is a way of saying that nothing is permanent. There is a constant theme throughout the album of life changes, and I wanted the title to reflect that. I want the title to be a reminder for people going through difficult times, that as time passes, you will feel differently. You might still carry pain with you, but it won’t feel the same as it did when it first happened,” said Lucy.

Personal favourites of mine have to be ‘Full Of It’, with its ambitious rhythm that looks back on yesteryear group The Bangles, and the heartfelt single ‘The Hardest Goodbye’. Saying that, there is not a bad song on this album. It’s playful yet a release you can stick on when you’re needing a guiding light or some reassurance. Lucy has just come back from playing her songs across the country on tour, and from what I’ve seen online, it looked like the beginning of something very magical for this songwriter.

Lucy should be so proud of this exceptional album.

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