ADELINE – Like It That Way

Montreal-based artist ADELINE reveals ambitious debut EP ‘Like It That Way‘. Released at the beginning of this month, the EP is a strong contender in the world of pop music. With fragrances of folk and soul throughout its core, the single channels positivity and oozes with empowerment out of every crack.

Speaking about the release, ADELINE reveals, “This EP has a bright and vibrant sound. As my first cohesive piece, I wanted it to best represent where I’m at as an artist and what I stand for. Hence, this collection is colourful, empowering & celebratory! My title track “Like it that way” is very dear to me, as it speaks about mental health and our daily battle to choose positivity, love & joy internally, regardless of what our external circumstances may look like. I think this message is crucial and timely, and it’s incredibly special to me, to leverage pop music in order to bring an empowering & uplifting message.”

You could hear this getting a huge sync deal and hearing it on all your favourite rom-com’s of 2022 in a matter of no time, and you heard it here first.

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