The Horn – Passion

Nick True launches brand new indie-rock project ‘The Horn’ and they’re an innovative group about to take the alternative rock scene by storm. Armed with the radio-ready anthem ‘Passion‘, that’s certainly one word to call this release. Sounding like the offspring of Television and Blossoms, that’s certainly not a bad place to be in the middle of.

Nick True mentions, “I suppose looking back, it was about the roller coaster of life in my 20’s. The song always stayed with me and a few years ago I came back to it and wrote the second verse which got me excited about it again. When I played it to Jonny, he liked it straight away and we started work on a new demo.

We took it into the studio and came up with some new musical ideas like a new solo by Danny which gave a lot of musicality to play against the constant rhythms. Now it’s finished, it feels special to me because it straddles decades of my life and as the chorus goes, ‘what a feeling’ hearing it finally fulfilled!”

The Horn on Instagram @thehornband

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