Ian Janco – Long Way Down

A listen best served on a good set of speakers or headphones, ‘Rapture’ is the astonishing new EP from Ian Janco. Featuring leading release ‘Long Way Down’ – this is a number that’s borderline about hope but also holds a melancholic nature. A warm number that feels at home on the release, it’s a mellow single that will pull at your heart strings.

Sharing his thoughts on the release, Ian states, “This is a body of work I composed at the lowest point in my life, and the lowest point in many of our lives. In the thick of the Covid pandemic, I was broke and stuck in London, across the ocean from my family. My career was in standstill and I was questioning if I had any path forward in music. My relationship and my parents’ marriage ended at the same time. I was struggling with physical and mental health issues alone in a dark flat in London, but towards the end of 2020 I was lucky to be offered a friend’s seaside flat in Brighton for a short escape.

I wrote and recorded the tracks for what eventually became the foundation of the Rapture EP. Getting this music out of me allowed me to begin to heal, and the reason I stuck with these often painful songs is that I hoped they could help other people feel, heal and grow after a traumatic time for everyone.”

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